Our Line Card

Thermal Equipment, Systems and Mixers
Fulton Heat Transfer

Fulton Thermal Systems

  • Fuel Fired & Electric Thermal Fluid Heaters-TCUs
  • Packaged Hot Oil Systems; piped up pumps and Expansion Tanks
  • Combination De-Aerator Expansion Tanks-Catch Tanks
  • UL Non-Hazardous and Hazardous Control Panels- Controllers and PLCs
DELTA Cooling Towers, Inc.

DELTA Cooling Towers, Inc.

  • Non-Metallic Cooling Towers-Full Range of Sizes
  • Packaged with Skid Mounted Pump and Control Panel
  • Modular Construction - Fan and Induced Draft
Rubicon Industries Corporation

Rubicon Industries Corporation

  • Shell and Tube Exchangers-SASME and Nat’l Bd Stamped
  • Flanged Bayonet Baretube and Line Heaters
Paratherm Corporation

Paratherm Corporation

  • Paratherm Fluids i.e. Paratherm HE, NF, OR -- Drums, Totes, Truckload
  • Fluid Testing Services for existing applications
  • For Plastics, Adhesives, BioDiesel, Asphalt, Ovens and Fryers

Caloritech (CCI Thermal/Thermon Inc)

  • aka Thermon Inc-Thermal Electric Element and Circulation Heaters
  • ASME/Nat’l Bd Stamped Flanged Element Bundles and Bayonet Heaters
  • ASME Shell and Tube -Electric Circulation Heaters
SPX Flow

SPX Flow CombiTherm

SPX FLOW Pumps for Transfer of Hot Oil and Hot Water

Cleveland Eastern Mixers

Cleveland Eastern Mixers

  • Portable Clamp-On Mixers
  • Flanged Mounted Process Mixers with Mechanical Seal
  • High and Low Pressure; Parallel and Right Angle Drives
RW Holland Inc

R.W. Holland Hairpin Heat Exchangers

  • Hairpin Double Pipe and Multitube Heat Exchangers
  • High and Low, Pressure and Temperature Applications-All Alloys
  • Removable and Non-Removable Bundles with Closures
  • BareTube and Finned-Bayonet, Line, Suction and In-Tank Heaters
Sondex Gasketed Plate Exchangers

REPCO Temperature Control Systems (TCU’s)